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At Music Outreach Society, we understand the significant role music plays to link people of different ages, genders, and race within a community. We believe in empowering youth musicians by providing them with opportunities to build confidence, to be open-minded, and to network with others within in the MOS community.

At Music Outreach Society, we're very excited to expand our executive team this year. We have a number of positions open and are excited to have you apply to be a part of this amazing opportunity! Feel free to contact us at musicoutreachsociety@gmail.com should you have any questions or concerns.


Email your resume to musicoutreachsociety@gmail.com before the deadline with the subject as, and then check your email a few days after the deadline to see if you have been contacted for a brief interview


Director of Finance
Responsible for planning and managing finance and budget to ensure that all funds are donated appropriately and/or spent efficiently with records of expenses and donations.  

Director of Outreach/Marketing (x2)
Responsible for creating MOS booth for volunteer fairs and to sign up and represent MOS at any upcoming volunteer fairs in the community. In charge of majority of MOS’s social media presence, and recruit any interested youth musicians to be a part of MOS.  

School Heads (For Respective School)
A separate application is used for School Heads. Access the School Head Application here: https://musicoutreachsociety.wordpress.com/school-head/
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